Canon Mark II 1D digital 8.2 MP for sale

Notez que si vous lisez ceci après septembre 2005, la caméra sera déjà vendue!
J’ai une caméra digitale professionnelle à vendre sur eBay.
Pour voir toutes la description et l’appareil en question en haute résolution, cliquez le lien qui suit.

This camera was bought on october 14 2004 and has only taken 3322 shots.

Included is a sd card extreme III 1 g and an extra battery (200$ value for the battery).

It is in absolutely PERFECT condition as you can see on the following pictures. It was use only for hobby and not intensively.

Come in the original box with all the original accessories also in perfect condition.

So you could buy this camera, this card and this extra battery with taxes for 5530 US $ (6720 canadian $) new in a store or buy it here like new and with warranty from Canon for more than 1000$ less.

I will pack all 3 original box (camera, battery and card) in a big box very carefully with big bubble wrap.