EBE 3D scan

Un autre test de scan 3D…. cette fois-ci mon EBE en mousse de latex (certains fans de Phylactère Cola le reconnaitront).

Another exciting Photofly 3D scanning test. I tried many times to scan that foam latex EBE head (EBE= Extra-terrestrial Biological Entity).

For that one I tried to go faster to avoid light changing but there was not much light and some of my pictures were blurry. I also noticed with another test that I should not use a too wide angle and be too close to the subject. At first I used 10mm and got very close, but the scan was all deformed. For that one I used 12mm but maybe I was a bit too far from the subject cause I got the whole room scanned with the prop (I had to erase it before sending the hi-rez calculation). Maybe I used a wide DOF at 5.6 which blurred my texture a bit too.

Created using Autodesk Photofly (http://labs.autodesk.com/technologies/photofly/)