Mon nouveau RIG: Le Sasori SR-2

Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2
Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2 CaseSasori SR-2Sasori SR-2
Sasori SR-2Sasori SR-2 quadro 6000Sasori SR-2 NoctuaSasori SR-2 CorsairSasori SR-2 Intel SSD

Sasori SR-2, a set on Flickr.

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Sasori means Scorpion in Japanese! It’s my first SR-2 rig. entirely cooled by AIR: 5 Lian Li Fans (came with the Lian Li 2120B case) 7 Noctua fans and 2 huge Noctua CPU heatsinks(they are so silent and cool!) 4 corsair ram fans. I also added ram heatsinks on each memory stick. Will be overclocking midly soon. I want it to be stable cause I use it for work. I do 3D animation and special effects with 3dsmax. I’m still waiting for 3 black billet fan grills from the very Mnpctech modrig store for the final touch of my SASORI!