Houdini Engine pour 3DS Max enfin disponible!

Houdini Engine for 3ds Max is now finally available!

I didn't find anything about that anywhere and I had a hard time finding where was the installer and the doc but it's finally here: Houdini engine for 3ds Max and yes you can really do stuff that only Houdini can do but inside of max. you expose the parameters that you choose and they appear in 3ds Max and you can tweak them and see the change in the viewport in real time. I couldn't believe it!

I created a swiss cheese plugin using the vdb feature from Houdini, now inside of max. Before, to model such a volume I would have use Krakatoa with some Magma magic that I just copied from Master Bobo and to mesh it with frost and it was fast but with Houdini Engine the vdb are even faster and it's easy to understand their logic!


And the best of all is that Houdini Engine for 3ds Max is free but you need a Houdini or Houdini Indie license to run it (or also a dedicated Houdini Engine license). You just have to find the right link on Git hub here it is (just clicjk on "latest binaires" to download it from dropbox and there is a document explaining how to install it):


It seems to me that instead of buying so many expensive plugins for 3ds max, I can now just use Houdini Indie (for only 200$) and create plugins for max that I will load via Houdini Engine! That's the best news of 2015 for me!

PhoenixFD medium explosion in 4K

An explosion I made with Chaosgroup PhoenixFD. Using massive scale vorticity and slowed down 4 times. Rendered with vray 3 at 4k.

754 million cels. 2 to 3 min/frame fora main sim and then 4 to 5 min/f for a 4x slow down. Direct symmetric, multi-pass, massive scale vorticity.