The Temple of Eternity

Generated using AI and a life of observation.
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New NFTs mint on Foundation: Exogalactic Warlords

Eye of the Komodo NFT Collection on Tokel

I started minting a 64 NFTs series called "Eye of the Komodo" on the new Tokel platform which is part of the Komodo ecosystem for which I am also Notary Node operator since many years. They are not for sale yet but you can always propose to buy using the Tokel dApp.
Link on Tokel Explorer:
Tokel dApp:

Here are the first 16:

Logo Strob

New logo designed by AI+ highly photoshoped.

Un logo

Cyborg Street Fashion 2047

Decora Kite fashion, homo sapiens play looks, Sweet, Punk Bushi, and air corridor style are widely popular in Alphajuku in the triple star system.