3D Models

Some 3D models I created.

Here is the second Ladybug I am publishing on Turbosquid. This one is suitable for extreme close-ups.

The first one I did was originally for a car commercial for Cadillac and was only suitable to be seen from far. I improved that first version a bit adding fur and published it no Turbosquid a few years ago.

Then I did another Ladybug (a yellow one that was standing up) from scratch for a Youtube video paid by Marvel to promote the movie Antman, it was called Little Antman. I then started from that model to make the most realistic ladybug (red this time) that I could to sell on  Turbosquid. Since there are already many ladybugs on TS I wanted to make a very realistic and detailed one suitable for macro close-ups. I bought and learned to use Ornatrix with that model and loved it. I can’t wait to make some fur animals now!

So here is the model. That version is not rigged yet. I am planning to make a rigged and an animated version soon.


Some 3D models I created.

A few 3D scans of squashes and pumpkins and put them up on Turbosquid click the image to buy them on Turbosquid.
squash_turban_ts_images_v001_00000 pumpkin_halloween_ts_images_v001_00000
squash_crookneck_ts_images_v004_00006 squash_hubbard_ts_images_v001_00000 squash_carnival_ts_images_v001_00001

My famous Iron Baby. Buy it now from me on Turbosquid.

Greenland Skark (requin du Groenland). Buy it on Turbosquid.

CG ladybug. Coccinelle en 3D. Buy it on turbosquid.

A hockey helmet Bauer 9900 I modeled. Buy it on Turbosquid.

A Cartoon Car 2 Door Sedan. Buy it on Turbosquid.

A BMX bike shaded and rendered in vray. Available at turbosquid.

A vault lab door. Buy it now on turbosquid.

Iron Man. Also on Turbosquid.