ladybug on Turbosquid:


A spot for Mobile Strike: Blender motion tracking, 3ds Max, PhoenixFD.


Iron Baby (dir.: Patrick Boivin). Seen tens of millions of times on the web. Buy my model on Turbosquid! Listed as one of 100 CG shorts to see by 3D World magazine. I also got an interview in the pretigious Chinese magazine CGW.


LITTLE ANT-MAN (dir.: Patrick Boivin). Another video for which I was responsible for the CG also seen millions of time on youtube.
Insects modeled in zbrush, shaded, animated (rigged with CAT) and rendered in Autodesk 3ds Max​ and V-Ray ChaosGroup​. With Director Patrick Boivin. This time we were paid by Marvel Entertainment to do it! Big Thanks to them and to Pat for letting me work on this!!! See the end of the video for the full credits. A big thanks to Daniel Beaudry et Gianluca who helped me for the character animation (Pat also animated himself the flying ant).

Little Antman

J’ai fait le décor en matte painting d’un cirque lugubre VR pour ces vidéos pour UNLTD, client: les cosmétiques NYX (filiale du groupe Loréal).

I did the Creepy Circus set matte painting in VR for those NYX cosmetic vidéos (part of Loréal Group) (for UNLTD)


I, Pet Goat II (dir.: Louis Lefebvre: se the entire clip with my FX) I did water, smoke, fire and liquid sim.


I did the bubbles and Aero bars product shot for this Nestlé commercial. I modeled the bar in Zbrush. Rendered with V-Ray.
J’ai fait les bulles et le “product shot” des barres Aéro sur cette pub de Chocolat Aéro pour Nestlé. Modélisé dans Zrbush, rendu dans V-Ray.
I did the bubbles and Aero bars product shot for this Nestlé commercial. I modeled the bar in Zbrush. Rendered with V-Ray.




Here is a cereal ad where I did the shot where the cereal breaks in macro. Done with 3ds max, Zbrush, V-Ray , particle flow and Thinkbox Stoke.


Here is another cereals commercial on which I worked a lot! I was supervising fluids sims and I was in charge of shaders, lighting, rendering. I did the drops in macro with animated geometries skinned with frost. Done with Frost, 3d Max, V-Ray. Directed by Kun Chang.


Here is a Nestlé cereal ad (first of 3) for which I did the sets and props shading, lighting and rendering. I was also in charge of all the VFX (except the small swirls around the cereal done at PBS). I hired Tommi Saaristoranta in Finland to do the fluid sims in PhoenixFD. I then did the shaders, lighting and rendering for them. I did the cocoa/snow effect with Krakatoa. All my work was done in 3DS Max and rendered in V-Ray. The characters modeling, animation, rendering and sets modeling were done by Pascal Blais Studio and their crew (Emile Ghorayeb did the character animation for them). Compositing and BG skies also done at PBS. Directed by Pascal Blais.


Here is a commercial on which I worked a lot! I was supervising fluids sims (done by Tommi Saaristoranta in Finland) and I was in charge of shaders, lighting, rendering and also modeling of the cereal exterior and interior. Done with Krakatoa, Frost, 3d Max, V-Ray and PhoenixFD.


Nestlé Honey Stars cereals macro product shot. I did this for a spot for Nestlé Honey Stars cereal created by Pascal Blais Studio. You can see the spot on this link: https://vimeo.com/110149148

I was in charge of the modeling, shadding and rendering the cereals and mostly this close-up shop. I also modeled the ship that was designed by Guillaume Blackburn at Pascal Blais Studios.

Rendered in 3ds max 2015/vray 3 with some SSS. Milk splash simulated in PhoenixFD 2.2 and the detaching drop of milk with Frost. Milk inside the spoon is done only with displacement.


A CG ladybug in macro! Buy it on Turbosquid.


4 Cadillac ads. I hired a small crew to create all the VFX for 4 cadillac and buick commercials for Pascal Blais Studio. 3ds Max, VRay, Rayfire and FumeFX were used for these. Marc Massicote did the comp helped by Etienne Fleurant. Allan Mckay helped me for the fire.

Danone fridge. For this one I did the 3D fridge door, magnets paper sheet and camera tracking. 2D animation by Malcolm Sutherland. Dir. Patrick Boivin. Prod. Bernard Lajoie at Pascal blais Studio.

Subway Super Hero. I modeled, rigged, animated and rendered the hands in the foreground (3ds max/vray). With the reveal effect too. The shading and lighting was done in comp from the render passes supplied. The rest was done by the marvelous crew at Pascal Blais Studio.

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