Doing CG work require alot of testing and R&D. Here are some examples as well as some work in progress.

StrobFX now offers motion capture services! Here is a test that we did:

A test I did for the tank firing FX and rigging for a Mobile Stike spot:

A comparison of all the SSS methods in V-Ray including the new Alsurface for V-Ray.

A test with the new V-Ray Alsurface shader just implemented by Vlado. I just pout it on my WIP anatomy model (I call him Monsieur Groleau) I am creating in Zbrush and did a turntable to see how it’s going. Far better than the vray sss2 shader!

Vlado just ported Alsurface shader to V-Ray (partially). Here I tested Alshader for V-Ray versus V-Ray SSS2. Alsurface is the clear winner!Now V-Ray has nothing to envy to Arnold! Available on github: https://github.com/ChaosGroup/vray_al_surface





A grain sim in Houdini meshed with VDB and loaded in 3ds Max to render with V-Ray. I used an attribute vop after the grainsource to assign a noise to the parm_threshhold point attribute (yes threshhold with 2 “h”…) (which control the break treshold) and also to the attraction weight point attribute (which controls the clumping).


Nuclear bomb simulated in PhoenixFD, 3DS Max, rendered in V-Ray.

A sand castle collapsing with Houdini. Just testing Houdini grain sim and mantra BPR rendering. I used 2 animated spheres to wake up the particles. Render was only between 2 to 5 minutes a frame with mantra BPR for 5.2 million particles. It took around 3 minutes a frame for simulation (5 hours total).

An explosion made with Chaosgroup PhoenixFD. Using massive scale vorticity and slowed down 4 times. Rendered with vray 3 at 4k resolution so please watch it in full screen on a huge monitor!
754 million cels. 2 to 3 min/frame fora main sim and then 4 to 5 min/f for a 4x slow down. Direct symmetric, multi-pass, massive scale vorticity.

A water and bubble test in PhoenixFD. This is an all CG simulation test I did with PhoenixFD in 3ds max. A flood transforming into a bubble bath for Goku and Ox King (Dragon Ball Colloseum Figures by Banpresto). The figures are 3D scans I did with some japanese figures. Rendered with the new vray 3.
See it in better quality here.

A man overbaord v2. Another splash test I made with PhoenixFD.


A man overboard! Un homme à lamer! A splash simulation test in Phoenix FD. A splash test I did in 3dsmax with phenixFD 2.1 and rendered with vray 3.
See it in better quality here.


A chocolate pouring on cookie test I did in PhoenixFD. PhoenixFd is a fluid simulation software by Chaosgroup (who also does VRay). It can simulate smoke (like FumeFX) as well as liquids.

Some smoke elements I did with fumeFX in 3ds Max for Heliofant’s “I, pet Goat 2” short movie.

A smoke plume test I did for Heliofant’s “I, pet Goat 2” short movie.

A character test for a chips ad.
Chips pitch

Some pasta rendered with vray fastSSS2