I did a few 3D scans of squashes and pumpkins and put them up on Turbosquid.

Here are some Squashes and Pumpkins that I grabbed myself from the field with my little family, scanned them with love, retopologized and cleaned UVs in zbrush and uploaded them for sale on Turbosquid.

Click each image to buy them on Turbosquid if you want to use them in your projects or just study them..

squash_turban_ts_images_v001_00000 pumpkin_halloween_ts_images_v001_00000



squash_crookneck_ts_images_v004_00006 squash_hubbard_ts_images_v001_00000 squash_carnival_ts_images_v001_00001


J'ai encore publié un nouveau modèle sur Turbosquid et The 3D Studio

Il s'agit d'un modèle 3D de porte de voute de labo riggée et animée. Format 3dsmax. Rendu dans Mental Ray. Très détaillée avec un shader de métal brossé photoréaliste. Mur de béton, plancher de tuile, caméra et moniteur inclus.

I just published another 3D model for sale. Done in 3dsMax. Rendered in Mental Ray. Highly detailed vault door with photorealistic brushed metal shaders. Mechanism is rigged and animated. Concrete wall and tiled floor included as well as a monitor and camera.


Disponible chez:

The 3D Studio

et Turbosquid