Some stills images of my work done with PhoenixFD

Carlo V Aero Commercial: 3D/FX by StrobFX

I did the bubbles and Aero bars product shot for this Nestlé commercial. I modeled the bar in Zbrush. Rendered with V-Ray.

J'ai fait les bulles et le "product shot" des barres Aéro sur cette pub de Chocolat Aéro pour Nestlé. Modélisé dans Zrbush, rendu dans V-Ray.




Morve Verte : Sticky Green Goo with some variable break treshold and variable clumping

A grain sim in Houdini meshed with VDB and loaded in 3ds Max to render with V-Ray. I used an attribute vop after the grainsource to assign a noise to the parm_threshhold point attribute (yes threshhold with 2 “h”…) (which control the break treshold) and also to the attraction weight point attribute (which controls the clumping).

Céréales FITNESS de Nestlé macro breaking cereal shot

I did the shot were the cereal breaks in macro. Done with 3ds max, Zbrush, V-Ray , particle flow and Thinkbox Stoke.